Wednesday, April 7, 2010

EC drops MAFREL = massive cheating ahead by BN in H. S'gor?

EC drops MAFREL = massive cheating ahead by BN in H. S'gor?

I think with the dropping of MAFREL as independent election-observers by the EC, we are looking at some hard core cheating by BN down at Hulu Selangor.

This moves reminds me most vividly of BN’s actions just before March 8th, where they cancelled the use of indelible ink to prevent repeat/phantom voters.

I think in that case, it signalled a clear sign of desperation, given the feedback they must have gotten from the ground (think SB) about voter inclinations and trends leading into the last few days.

Thus, I take this as a good sign – one which may very well mean the winds are on our backs!

Of course, it also means we have to work doubly hard to prevent and compensate for massive cheating on the part of BN and the EC!


On another semi-interesting note, observe the language at the BN Selangor convention:

“BN cannot stick to narrow racial ideology. BN cannot use old methodology to address new problems,” convention chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed declared to some 1,500 BN grassroots leaders from across the Pakatan Rakyat-controlled (PR) state.

“Umno for example must not only talk about the Malays and Islam but must also fight for the Chinese, Indians and others; it’s the same with MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP. we have to be ahead of the times,” said Mohd Zin who is also the Sepang Umno division chief.

“If we continue to fan racial sentiment, we will not be able to recapture Selangor,” said Mohd Zin.

“The people will continue to doubt us if BN keeps rejecting reality, and is slow in reforming,” said Mohd Zin.

Once again, this is the benefit of true political competition.

It’s good that some in BN can see the writing on the wall, but as I wrote last: are they too trapped to really change?

I for one found the backdrop to this picture really funny:

I think it is less “BN Mampu Berubah” than it is “BN terpaksa berubah kerana Pakatan” :P :)

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